Jellyfish Finance


Epoch duration: 6 hours Deposits / Withdrawal of JAM into the Boardroom will lock JAM for 4 epochs (24hrs) and JELLY rewards for 2 epochs (12hrs).
The above is the same for JELLY rewards claiming, this will lock staked JAM for 4 epochs (24hrs) and the next JELLY rewards can only be claimed after 2 epochs (12hrs).

Distribution of JELLY during Expansion

80% as Reward for Boardroom JAM stakers 15% goes to DAO fund 5% goes to DEV fund Epoch Expansion: Current expansion cap base on JELLY supply, if there are bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted JELLY goes to treasury until it’s sufficiently full to meet bond redemption. If there is no debt it will follow max capped expansion rate.
JELLY: 0x781FD4B89c55B818Ae94F5B205B68B94AB3a57Fa


Stake your LP to earn JAM share tokens
Shares Pools (Shares Reward) available for 180 days:
JELLY-USDC LP: 33,000 JAM-USDC LP: 21,000 JELLY: 5,500
JAM: 0x1782484B515E29EaB54b1B369E0390020417FE49


JBOND (bond tokens) are available for purchase when JELLY falls below the 1 USDC peg. If JELLY's TWAP is between 1.00 and 1.01, neither JBOND nor JELLY will be issued.
e.g. if JELLY's TWAP < 1, exchange JELLY for JBOND will be in a 1:1 ratio.
JBOND (bond tokens) are available for redemption when JELLY goes above the 1 USDC peg.
To encourage redemption of JBOND for JELLY when JELLY TWAP > 1.1 and incentivize users to redeem at a higher price, JBOND redemption will be more profitable with a higher JELLY TWAP value, of which JBOND to JELLY ratio will be 1:R, where R can be calculated in the formula as shown below:
JBOND: 0x2630D3116ecA60faFA9EFE2F8290e4AB8417A233

Remaining Contracts:

Boardroom: 0x484Ce69e21cb59BE97CbbA1f405D769D7b433Ec0
Treasury: 0x3e8DB60Ca0D9da452AB02F063b5847cE09f5dfaf
Oracle: 0x922f13aEa980e64187B73A8f740d1eb3577BC0C4